An electronic book for teaching English to children

An electronic book for teaching English to children

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English Language Learning Book with Interactive Pen or Touch

This captivating and entertaining English language learning book stimulates children's learning through listening and touch. It contains 8 pages, each dedicated to teaching children the essential information they need at this age, such as:

  1. English letters with examples for each letter and simple explanations.
  2. Numbers from 1 to 10 with arithmetic symbols (addition, subtraction, equals) and some easy exercises to reinforce the knowledge.
  3. Names of animals with pictures of their shapes and fun explanations about them.
  4. Names of fruits and vegetables with their pictures and enjoyable descriptions.
  5. Types of shapes and colors with examples and explanations to strengthen the knowledge.
  6. Names of things the child may encounter outside the home, with pictures and simple explanations about them.

The book stimulates the child's abilities through listening, seeing colorful images, and providing valuable information. It is an interactive book that encourages the child to learn these valuable pieces of information.