Collection: The Holy Quran

Qurans in modern and diverse shapes distinguished by colors for the letters and rulings to adjust the provisions of intonation, and diversification in packaging, colors and materials

Among them are copies of the Qur’an that show the rules of intonation by coloring the rule or movements with a known color, and the rule is what benefits the reader in the practical practice of the rules of intonation, especially for those who could not learn from a sheikh in an elaborate way.

Among them are what comes as a variety, packaging, and a difference in pages according to the need for recitation in the Tahajjud prayers, or for memorization and recitation.

Multiple page sizes and thicknesses that vary from one Mushaf to another according to need

In addition to some books of interpretation and explanation of vocabulary that were added on the margins of the Qur’an

as a book The manifestation of the words of Al-Manan from the interpretation of Al-Saadi

And other modern innovations that facilitate understanding and memorizing the Holy Quran

as thematic division

Al-Hafiz's perfect Qur'an with substantive division, reasons for revelation, and an explanation of vocabulary
The juice of more than 10 years of hard work to prepare the scientific material for this work: substantive division - the reasons for the revelation of the verses - the spelling of the words - the interpretation of the words of the Holy Qur’an - a paragraph from the guidance of the Messenger - a paragraph of explanatory benefits - a paragraph in the hands of the surah / at the beginning of each surah .

Indexed on headlines

An act that seeks reward and reward from God Almighty

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