Holy Quran lamp and speaker
Holy Quran lamp and speaker
Holy Quran lamp and speaker

Holy Quran lamp and speaker

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Holy Quran lamp and speaker

Features and specifications:

  • The Holy Quran is complete with the voice of famous reciters.
  • The Holy Quran with 23 high quality audio translations (verse by verse).
  • Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim.
  • Reading word for word.
  • Prayers and chants.
  • Roquia.
  • Morning and Evening Prayers.
  • The method of prayer - the light base - the fortress of the Muslim.
  • Clear and pure sound.
  • The ability to turn on the lighting without sound or vice versa.
  • Used as a bluetooth headset.
  • MP3 player.
  • remote control.
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • The feature of repeating the fence and the verses.
  • Quick selection of the fence.

additional information:

  • Wall buttons for easy selection and navigation.
  • Charge for 40 minutes to operate for +/- 9 hours.
  • It operates on 110 or 220 volt electricity.
  • The ability to operate 24 hours while it is connected to the charger wire.
  • Product contents:

  • Holy Quran speaker with colored lights - Bluetooth (used as a Bluetooth speaker)
  • remote control
  • battery charger
  • USB cable
  • English